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The Llyn is paradise for children and offers many diverse ways for them to be entertained. We can’t cover everything in this guide but here are our favourites;

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There are many good places on the Llyn to go crabbing and this is guaranteed fun for every one of all ages! The Harbour Beach at Abersoch is very popular at high tide and there are many shops where you can buy crab bait. Bring a bucket, net and a crab line or these can be purchased in the town. Tie the bait to your line and cast it over the edge and wait for the crabs to get hungry which won’t be long. The trick though is to get the crabs from the water to the bucket which sounds easy but isn’t. The crabs won’t be edible though, so please make sure you return them to the sea when you’ve finished by taking the bucket down to the shoreline and watch them scuttle sideways back in for the next crabber!

Seals / Dolphins
There are several charter boats for pleasure cruises available from various points around the Llyn. Hop on a boat for an exhilarating trip to see the seals and dolphins.

Remember to bring buckets, spades, bats, balls, waterproof sandals with a good grip and sun cream.

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Rock Pools
Peep into a rock pool and children enter another world and for many, it is their first absorbing glimpse of marine life in all its fascinating glory so pick up their nets and sandals and head off to the beach.

Where ever there are rocks, there will be rock pools and each is replenished twice a day by the tide bringing in new occupants. The best time to do this is a couple of hours before low water, but do keep a very watchful eye on the tide. Closer to the shore you will find small crabs, anemones, molluscs, shrimps and seaweed. Further out, you’ll find starfish and sea slugs and even sometimes a big fish that’s been trapped in a small pool as well as eels, spider crabs and if you’re lucky lobsters. There is nothing wrong with taking a few specimens home, but never take home living creatures.

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